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At Starling IT Services we offer tech support (including virus removal, repairs & upgrades) custom built PCs (perfect for gaming, content creation or office work) and creative services such as graphic & web design.

We are based in Capel St Mary, and supply our services in Ipswich, Colchester & surrounding areas, for a more detailed list see our About Page.

Virus Removal

As well as causing significant loss of system performance, a virus on your system also represents a serious risk to your security.

If you think your system has a virus, it is very important to get it removed as soon as possible.

At Starling IT Services we can remove any viruses on your system & help to improve your system's security.

Custom Built PCs

With the wide range of PCs availible on the market, it can be difficult to determin which PC is best suited for your requirements.

It can also be difficult to find all of the features you need in the same PC.

At Starling IT Services we can design & build the perfect Desktop PC for your needs, be it Gaming, Content Creation or Office Work.

We can also provide and setup any peripherals you may require.

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Starling IT Services
10 Roundridge Road
Capel St Mary
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Contact Details:

Phone/Text: 07904 628509
Email: services@starling-it.co.uk


Open Every Day: 10am - 7pm

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