We offer a wide variety of services.
Some of them are listed below.
Need something that is not listed?
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Per Hour
Best for:

Callouts are the best option to use when your problem relates to your internet connection, printers, emails, or an internet based service.

It is also best when we expect the problem to take a short time to fix

Fast Support

Most problems are solved within the first hour of the callout.

Arrange a Callout

You can arrange a callout on our callout page or by contacting us.

Pick-up/Drop-off Repair


Per Device + Parts
Best For:

This service is best for solving problems where replacement parts may be required or where problems may take longer to fix than would be practical for a Callout.

Felixible Scheduling

You can choose for us to pick up the device from your home or buisness or you can drop it round to us.

Clear Pricing

The cost of our labour for a device to be fixed is £25.

When replacement parts are needed, we will give you a quote for the replacement part and allow you to choose if you want to go ahead.

3 Month Fix Guarantee

If the problem you were having happens again within 3 Months, we will attempt to fix the problem again without any more labour charges.

New Systems

Contact Us

Quote Required
Custom Built Desktops

Whatever you need from your next PC we can make it happen.

We custom build our desktops to meet your exact requirements with specially selected components from a range of trusted manafacturers.

Specially Selected Laptops

When you come to us we will find the right laptop for you from a range of reputable manafacturers.

FREE Setup & Data Transfer

All of our systems come with free setup and data transfer from your old system.

This means that when you login for the first time everything you need will be ready for you.


Video Editing

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Quote Required
Professionally Edited

Multi-camera synchronisation, impressive visuals and audio enhancement are just a few features that will set apart your project from a home effort.

Digital Copies

We can provide digital copies of finished work in any required format. We are also happy to provide finished project files.

DVD & Blu-Ray Copies

We are able to provide copies of the finished work on DVD for £2 per disc, or on Blu-Ray (where source resolution justifies its use) for £5 per disc.

Nothing to pay until you're happy

There is nothing to pay until you have approved a final cut of the project.

Graphic Design


Per Project
Everything You Need

Our graphic design package includes the deisgn of a Logo, resources for any required social media websites and copies of the logo in any required format.
We are also able to produce posters

Nothing to pay until complete

There is nothing to pay until you are happy with the final result.

No Suprise Charges

The price of our graphic design work is fixed.
This means that no matter how long we spend producing your work, the cost will always be £75.

WordPress Website


Inital Setup
Built With WordPress

Our websites are built using the WordPress platform, which has a wide variety of available plugins and themes, allowing websites built with it to fit many applications. These include blogging, business promotion and online stores. So whatever you need from your website, we can provide it.

Graphics Included

As part of the web deisgn package, we will carry out any graphics work required for the website.

Unlimited Free Email Accounts

If you decide to host your website with us, we can provide you with an unlimited amount of email addresses, using your domain, for free. For example if your domain was "", your email could be ""

Nothing to pay until launch

There is nothing to pay until you are happy with the website and are ready to make the website live.


Initial setup: £250 (One time payment)
Hosting: £4 Per Month
Domains: ~£10 Per Year
Extended support (optional): £10 Per Month
Aproximate yearly cost: £84